Bakery & Pastry Programs

Prairie City Bakery

Prairie City provides premium quality, great-tasting bakery goods and simple, effective merchandising solutions. Their one word mission statement is "WOW". They know if their products & solutions "WOW" their customers, they always come back for more.

Ne-Mo's Bakery

Ne-Mo's Fine Baked Products have been satisfying retailers & consumers for nearly 40 years. Fine quality ingredients are baked into each sweet treat—from their famous Carrot Cake to their new Brookie's.

Table Talk Pies

Table Talk Pies, established in 1924, has a mission to manufacture the highest quality baked pie in America. By using only the finest wholesome ingredients they create rich fillings with a flaky signature crust.


Hostess bakery items. The sweetest comeback in the history of ever.

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