All credits for shortages, damages or order errors must be approved by your sales representative or reported to the Allen Brother’s Customer Service Team at (215) 739-1083 or (800) 207-2553. A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form will be filled out by the Customer Service Department and will be brought to you with your next delivery. This form must match all  items called in to us. Please do not ask the driver to pick up any merchandise without the proper paperwork.  To help insure you get proper credit, please attach a copy of your invoice for the returned product.  Deductions from your invoice will not be honored. 


v  Cigarettes

Any and all cigarettes older than 6 months cannot be returned for credit.

(See attached Manufacturer return policy)


v  Tobacco and Cigars

Tobacco and cigar products purchased from Allen Brothers Wholesale Distributors may be returned for credit provided they are in saleable condition. Items with price stickers are not considered re-saleable. A re-stocking fee of 10% will be charged on all items returned.  Credit WILL NOT be given on any loose cigars and ALL styles of Little CigarsPremium cigars are NOT guaranteed, and no credit will be given. Damaged product must be noted & reported at the time of delivery. No credit will be issued for damaged product once the delivery has been signed for.


v  Snack Foods

v  Candy & Confectionary Products

v  Seasonal Items, Paper Products

v  Juices, Drinks & Water (Beverage)

v  Grocery & General Merchandise, Health & Beauty Aides


o   Are not guaranteed and may not be returned for credit.
o   However, unopened, undamaged wholesome merchandise purchased from Allen Brothers Wholesale Distributors which is not stickered, short coded, labeled, priced or faded, may be returned for credit with a 10% re-stocking fee provided the product is in the same packaging and/or lot and in the condition in which it was delivered (i.e. items sold by the case must be returned as a full case).


v Refrigerated & Frozen

Refrigerated & frozen foods are NOT guaranteed and will not be returned for credit.




v  Cigarette Shortages

All cigarette shortages must be noted with the driver at the time of delivery to receive credit. Our drivers on delivery, complete a thorough “carton count” (total cartons delivered) with you on all cigarettes. If you have signed for the cigarettes, and the count is correct but you discover you have an incorrect item, please contact our Customer Service Department immediately and have your invoice # and item # available when you call.  No credit will be issued for shortages not noted on the delivery receipt and signed by you & our driver.


v  Non Cigarette Shortages

 All non–cigarette shortages must be reported by calling our Customer Service Department at (215) 739-1083 or (800) 207-2553 within 24 hours of delivery in order to receive credit.  Please have the invoice # you are referencing and the item # in question.


v  Damaged Product, and Short Dated Product

Any damaged product must be reported to our Customer Service Department at (215) 739-1083 or (800) 207-2553 within 24 hours of delivery in order to receive credit.  With respect to all merchandise, it is the responsibility of Allen Brothers Wholesale Distributors to see that all product is the correct product (no mis-picks), that all product is delivered to you in saleable condition (not damaged at time of delivery), and that all product is in code with at least 14 days of selling time (no short dating).  It is your responsibility to notify our Customer Service Department within 24 hours of delivery should we fail in any of these issues so that we may take corrective actions.  Please have the invoice # and item # available when you call.


v  Any calls regarding short or damaged product received outside of the 24 hour window may not be honored and credit may not be issued.




v  Special Deliveries/Re-Delivery

Additional deliveries other than those normally scheduled for your location will require a minimum order of $750.00.  Deliveries for less than this minimum will be charged to you at a cost of $25.00 per delivery.  Exceptions can always be made for our customers.  Please contact your sales rep and they will answer any questions.


v  Invoice Payment

When paying invoices by check, credit card or money order, please indicate the invoice number and your account number on the check or money order.   If you are using a credit please include this information with the payment.   This will help to insure proper credit to your account. Please include cash payments in a sealed envelope and mark the outside of the envelope with the amount and appropriate invoice numbers.  Drivers WILL NOT count cash payments in public or in view of the public.


v  Late Payment

Our credit department follows the activity on your account. Continuous late payment of invoices will damage your credit rating and may result in a change of terms on your account.  If you have past due invoices, your next order WILL be held until all invoices are paid up to date. A late charge of 1.8% APR will be applied to all outstanding invoices until payment is received by Allen Brothers.


v  Returned (bounced) Checks

We charge a service fee of $100.00 per check. When a check bounces, it is automatically redeposited by our bank.  Once a check has been returned either 1st time NSF or charged back (2nd time NSF), no merchandise will be shipped until the invoice is paid in cash, cashier’s check, or a written confirmation from your bank that the check is good. Bank confirmation must include a letter from your bank or proof that the re-deposit has cleared by an online bank statement.  In all cases you will be contacted by our credit department or your account representative.  If another check return occurs within 60 days, your account will be placed on COD terms. This means we will only accept cash, credit card or cashier’s check at the time of your next delivery.