Sandwich Programs

Deli Express

Every week, Americans purchase over 1 million Deli Express sandwiches. A million fresh-tasting sandwiches available in a variety of retail locations including delis, convenience stores, drug stores, resorts & vending machines.

Day'N Night Bites

Day'N Night Bites. Mix and match any variety, any quantity. With our convenience and flexibility, it's perfect for modern, fast-moving foodservice.

Advance Pierre Fast Bites breakfast sandwiches

Advance Pierre Fast Bites breakfast sandwiches. Value, flavor & variety to drive your morning sales. Perfect for meal bundle deals.

Advance Pierre Big Az sandwiches

Advance Pierre Big Az sandwiches. Provide high quality taste and a hearty filling size for a value price.


Family recipes from Rosie Ruiz are the inspiration for the authentic ingredients and delicious Mexican flavors you'll find in all of our El Monterey products.

RACHAEL'S Sandwiches

Delicious 100% Hand Made Rachael's sandwiches.  Reasonably priced.  Incredibly popular.

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