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Wine Kiosks may hit C-Stores in PA: CSNews

HARRISBURG, Penn. -- The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is nearing a decision that could bring wine kiosks to convenience store/gas stations and the country's leading retailer, Walmart.

According to, Walmart is in discussions with the state's board members to bring the remotely monitored wine vending machines to 24 of its Pennsylvania stores. And it could happen sooner than later; the news site reported that the contract just needs approval before the machines could be rolled out to the stores. Currently, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board operates wine vending machines in some grocery stores.

Any expansion of the wine kiosks' presence could include the convenience store/gas station markets. also reported that Sheetz is also in early talks with the state about adding the machines at their locations.

In order to purchase wine at a kiosk, customers need to swipe a driver's license and blow into a mouthpiece to prove they are not intoxicated. After completing those two steps, customers can open the door and pick the bottle of wine they purchased. At this time, however, only wine is available; there are no discussions to add liquor to the vending machines.